Oglove is our concept.

A concept born from a problem I encountered every winter as a football coach.  Young players using sub-standard gloves which were rendered useless in wet weather.  They were about as good as wearing 2 massive wet sponges on the end of your arms !!

I tried to find some waterproof thermal gloves for my players but there was nothing on the market.  Whats the point of wearing Nike Hyperwarm or Adidas field gloves if they offer no resistance to water?

After many months of research we have released our Oglove Dri-Therm field gloves for football players. These can be used for many other sports including Rugby, Cycling, Running, Baseball, American Football, Netball and any more..... 

These have been designed to be waterproof to IPX-5 (heavy rain), thermal, with touchscreen pads so you can use these everyday with your phone. They have palm grips to enable players to grip things like footballs or handlebars with ease.

They are ultra stylish so you can look good playing your sport and in everyday use.


Julius Oliveti